Human Being Podcast (RATE: $200/project)

Human Being Podcast (RATE: $200/project)

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  • Part Time
  • USA
  • 200 USD

Seeks an audio mixer for Catalyst’s Human Being Podcast. The audio mixer will be responsible for the final mix of an interview program that combines voices with limited sound effects and music.

Production states: “Catalysta’s family of six podcasts orbit four questions: How does the world work? Where is healing needed? Why not work for the benefit of all beings? And what the hell can we do? Human Being. Our world is out of balance because we are out of balance. Human Being invites healers, wisdom keepers and masters of mind, body and soul to share ways to find balance, thrive, and contribute to a healthier world.”


Audio Mixer
Responsibilities: Mix five 60-minute podcast episodes over the course of the next year. Skills: Experienced, excellent audio mixer; responsible, self-motivated, and an excellent communicator; an interest in the state of the world; personable with a good sense of humor.
Required Roles:
o Sound Mixer / Recordist

Dates & Locations
Works remotely. Starts immediately.

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