KRANDYLAND Pays $781 / Day

KRANDYLAND Pays $781 / Day

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  • Part Time
  • Spokane, WA
  • $781 / Day USD

Feature Film
SAG-AFTRA Low Budget

Audition Date(s): Via Eco Cast self-tapes
Shoot Date(s): On/about July 1 – 25, 2024

18 y/o, non-binary, creative youth with multi-colored hair and clothes reimagined from thrift store finds. They are sharp and “out there” and not necessarily “cool”. On their last birthday they were given money and an eviction notice from their family. Although a poet and creative thinker they can also lash out in fight mode. As centered as they come across, there are still parts of life that make them uncomfortable and insecure. While hitchhiking, Quiet joins 60yo brothers Kyle and Randy on their roadtrip. A natural wise-a**, they learn early on they must hold their one with these two characters who are set in their ways as the encounter some tricky situations that challenge them all. Can be older but needs to look 18. We are seeking actors that present as non-binary for this role. All types and ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Seeking actors with that something special. Must be able to hold their own opposite the two veteran leads with many years of experience, Keith Allan and Russell Hodgkinson. Willing to consider newer actors who are ready for a breakout and self-defining role. LEAD

Storyline: Krandyland is a dark comedy, roadtrip movie that centers around death with dignity. Half-brothers Randy (a one hit wonder folk musician) and Kyle (an aging porn star) are on the road from LA to Idaho when they accidentally pick up hitchhiking 18 yo Quiet. Quiet just got kicked out of their home and their family. This unlikely trio test and push each other’s limits and they encounter some tricky situations along the road. Acceptance, loss and family ties are all at play as they bring out the best and worst of each other on this journey.

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