“Acting Out” – TV Series Pays $300

“Acting Out” – TV Series Pays $300

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Acting Out is a television series that portrays a group of friends all trying to find success in Hollywood. The main characters are both involved in the entertainment business and have outside interests. Looking for talent that can combine humor with dramatic elements, each story will explore the extent of their friendships and individual ambitions. Please explain in your cover letter how you relate to the premise.

2 roles
AmbrosiaFemale18-40 y.o.All ethnicities
Ambrosia is fiery, sexy, confident and open to new experiences. She knows how to get what she wants and her impact on both genders is undeniable. When she meets one of the main characters, she’s drawn into the friendship group, forcing her to confront her true desires for the first time. She is every man’s dream, and oftentimes, every woman’s. Please describe how you relate to the character in your cover letter.

ToddMale20-40 y.o.White / Caucasian
Todd is one of the lead characters. He is at that stage of life where his desire to succeed as a writer is facing the reality of possibly not realizing his dreams. But he refuses to acknowledge this and will not give up, no matter how his successful and distant parents push him in a different direction. When Todd falls in love with a member of the friend group, he must choose between making her happy and continuing to chase his ambition.

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