Sumbioun (RATE: $350/day)

Sumbioun (RATE: $350/day)

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Seeking talent for a multimedia demo called “Sumbioun.” A speculative future work inspired by the idea of cyclical regeneration.

Production states “A demo portfolio (photos / short videos) to submit for showcases/galleries, which is the beginning of a larger body of work.”

Roles in this project

Lead. Female, Gender-Nonconforming, Non-Binary. 18-25
The lead is a female-identifying role that is the product of generations of reincarnation. She is coming of age in a new world whose ethos encompasses this concept of cyclical regeneration: everything is born again, and the mycelial network of tribal communication is placed into her skin. What does it mean to become who you are while entering into a right of passage with norms that feel foreign? What do you take with you, and what do you reject?
Ethnicity: Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial
Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Dates & Locations
Shoots an upcoming weekend between August and the end of September.

The Kings Casting