ANIMALS OF THE LAND (National Release) (RATE: $300/day plus travel, accommodation and per diem)

ANIMALS OF THE LAND (National Release) (RATE: $300/day plus travel, accommodation and per diem)

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  • Part Time
  • Michigan
  • 300 USD

Audition Date(s): June 13 – July 12, 2024
Callback Date(s): July 13 – 29, 2024
Start Date: August 2024 for 15 days


We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law unless specifically indicated.

[ CLAY ]
30 to 40 years old, all ethnicities man. Father. He represents balance and the ground beneath your feet. Clay is at peace with his yin and yang, until his yang overtakes his yin and becomes more unbalanced. He ignores his intuition and the act of processing emotions. He is losing control like a storm, but feels at fault for his past mistakes. Clay is the earth and he would sacrifice the world to protect his own children. He has a primal need and desire to keep the family intact. Clay is strong and he must keep his family together. He is an allegory for the governments control and religious brainwashing. LEAD *works 15 days

30 to 40 years old, all ethnicities woman. Mother. She is the personification of Mother Nature. Willow has a divine presence about her as she keeps the balance of her family intact. She is a very intuitive creature and she has soft soul. But, the opposite of Clay, her yin takes over her yang and begins to act out with emotion rather than logic. Willow realizes she must protect her children from Clay’s vicious behavior as she is the roots holding the family tree together. She is one with nature. She is nature. Willow is an allegory for Mother Earth. LEAD *works 15 days

Storyline: In the beginning, Mother created a family to live in perfect harmony with her body until nature is suddenly uprooted by an act of rebellion that unearths a violent force of evil. The family must make an unbearable sacrifice to restore the cycle of life leading to the downfall of creation.

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