Lover Boy’s Bae’ Music Video (RATE: $100.00 flat rate)

Lover Boy’s Bae’ Music Video (RATE: $100.00 flat rate)

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Casting “Lover Boy’s Bae,” a music video. Production states: “Shooting fun/flirty music video at a rented mansion, for one day.”

Music Video Love interest
Lead. Female. 21-34
Production states: “In this role, you will be the love interest of our artist. It will just be you two in the video so we want to make sure you’re comfortable being flirtatious/laughing at his quirky actions. You will be in a swimsuit for one scene, so take this into consideration before submitting!”
Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Dates & Locations
Shoots Aug. 24 and/or 27 in LA, CA.

Compensation & Contract
Total Pay: $100.00 for an estimated 4 hours of work (flat rate)

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