ONCE ON THIS ISLAND (RATE on the description)

ONCE ON THIS ISLAND (RATE on the description)

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First Rehearsal: April 9, 2024
First Performance (Issaquah): May 14, 2024
Closing (Issaquah): June 16, 2024
First Performance (Everett): June 22, 2024
Scheduled Closing (Everett): July 14, 2024
Possible Extension (Everett): July 21, 2024
NOTE: Village Theatre produces out of two cities: ISSAQUAH (where housing, rehearsal and the majority of performances are) which is about 30 minutes east of Seattle, and EVERETT (where the final weeks of the run perform) which is between 45-60 minutes north of Seattle. A car is provided the entire time and gas is provided for the drive from Issaquah to Everett which can be anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on traffic. Anytime during rush hour will likely be 90 minutes. Given the performance schedule, there are only 6 times a rush hour drive will happen. (9 if extended) We always like to call this out because while it is a haul of a drive it is indeed a reality.

First Rehearsal: July 9, 2024
First Performance (Issaquah): August 14, 2024
Closing (Issaquah): September 16, 2024
First Performance (Everett): September 22, 2024
Scheduled Closing (Everett): August 14, 2024
Possible Extension (Everett): August 21, 2024

Once On This Island takes place on islands in the Caribbean Sea known as the French Antilles. The cast should represent the diversity found within the Black community of that region.

Black Female, early 20s. The vivacious young peasant girl our story revolves around. Easy to fall in love with, she is spirited, idealistic and dynamic. A romantic; she falls in love with Daniel Beauxhomme, and makes a promise to the Gods to save his life.
Powerful mezzo-soprano high belt. Must move well.
Salary for this role is $1,200/wk (non-negotiable) + health/pension/travel/lodging with shared bathroom

Black Female, 30s-40s. The Mother of the Earth. She guides Ti Moune on land to find Daniel. Warm and nurturing, she is a boisterous and bawdy presence with a great sense of humor and a powerhouse belt. Strong Mezzo/Soprano belter. Must move well.
Salary for this role is $950/wk (non-negotiable) + health/pension/travel/lodging with shared bathroom

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