Job In Theatre for Upcoming 2024 Season Show (RATE: $818/project)

Job In Theatre for Upcoming 2024 Season Show (RATE: $818/project)

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The company is holding auditions for the 2024 season show and looking for actors, please see the details below.

Rate: CONTRACT SPT $818 weekly minimum (SPT 9)

3 roles

Man #1
Both genders 30-50 y.o. All ethnicities
(Baritone) He should have a dark Italian look (the “rat pack” years). Man #1 has a deep/rich strong velvety voice and has a feel for unusual phrasing and a distinctive vocal style. He should dance or at the very least move extremely well. Tap dance skills are a big plus as there are a number of optional tap/dance breaks written for this character. Man #1 should also be able to sing close harmony. “MY WAY”

Man #2
Both genders 25-40 y.o. All ethnicities
(Lyric Baritone). Is the skinny 1940’s big band “crooner” look. He has All-American boy good looks and be a physical contrast to the actor playing Man #1. He has a strong legit lyric baritone voice and is an excellent part singer. He sings up to a G. Man #2 has a natural and unaffected flair for comedy as he carries much of the show’s humor and lighter moments. He spends much of the show trying to learn how to be “cool.” “MY WAY”

Woman #1
Both genders 30-50 y.o. All ethnicities
(Mezzo soprano) should have dark, sensual, exotic, and striking good looks. She is a “classy dame” who drips with style, sophistication, and class. Woman #1 has the more difficult singing role of the two women. Vocally she is a strong mezzo soprano who can also belt. Her vocal style is based on great “torch singers” like Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, and Judy Garland.. A dark, smoky, husky sound is preferred. She looks good and matches up well physically with Man #1. “MY WAY”

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