Talents Needed for a Voice-Over Project Pays $350/ Project

Talents Needed for a Voice-Over Project Pays $350/ Project

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This project is for people from the ages of 13-25. This project has very sensitive topics so please be careful and proceed with caution. This will be a story game where the player has to complete quests to try and set the altars free(which if you know anything about DID, it doesn’t work). The player makes a few friends on the way and is forced to face their fears and past.

2 roles
Melissa: Player/Main CharacterFemale18-25 y.o.Latino / Hispanic White / Caucasian
This is the main character of the game, she is very anxious all the time and is always trying to avoid interacting with others except the alters. She is ambitious and stuck up as well

Arthur Bowick Male 18-25 y.o.White / Caucasian Other
This British male is one of the first altars formed. He was always the person who helps others with their problems and has a shoulder to cry on. He is very stubborn, very hot headed and easily gets annoyed but is very caring and understanding

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