WHAT WE CARRY Pays $150 / Day

WHAT WE CARRY Pays $150 / Day

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  • Part Time
  • Austin, TX
  • $150 / Day USD


Shoot Date(s): July 1 – 5, 2024

18 to 32 years old, African woman. She is a soft-spoken people pleaser who is now plagued by paranoia and distrust after a rocky start in America. Quietly intelligent despite not having a high school education. There is a distinct nervous energy about her, right below the surface, which makes her seem fragile. Must be of Ivorian descent. French fluency a plus. LEAD

25 to 32 years old, African man. He is bookish, introverted, and painfully prideful of his academic accomplishments. He prioritizes logic over emotion, even his own, and will lash out when backed into a corner. Ivorian descent preferred, but open to other West African ethnicities. French fluency a plus. Talent must be comfortable with SFX blood. LEAD

30 to 45 years old, White, blonde woman. She is the epitome of a perfectly coiffed Southern belle who means well, but still finds herself clinging to the closed-minded ideals that molded her upbringing in the Deep South. Onscreen driving. Talent must be comfortable with SFX blood. SUPPORTING

Storyline: When an African immigrant couple finds themselves stranded in the rural South, they fight to escape an unknown predator.

The Kings Casting