Long Term Production Assistant Pays $50 flat rate

Long Term Production Assistant Pays $50 flat rate

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Long Term Production Assistant
Seeking talent from Albany, NY; Salt Lake City, UT
Roles paying up to $50.00 flat rate

Seeking a Production Assistant. Company states: “PA will attend film industry and dance related events in Utah area, develop database for marketing our dance and film productions and workshops in the Salt Lake and Park City, UT areas. Help facilitate our documentary film screenings in Utah area. I am a director/producer and choreographer looking for a long term Production Assistant.”

Roles in this project
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Long Term Production Assistant
Help produce our events and be available for industry related events in Utah and New York (virtually).
Required Roles:
o Production Assistant (PA)
Required Software & Program Skills:
o Film Photography

Dates & Locations
Runs at Sundance Film Festival, Indie Pop Up Lens series, etc…
Compensation & Contract
Total Pay: $50.00 for an estimated 4 hours of work (flat rate)
Additional: Pay is $50 per month. This is just an honorarium. Production assistant will be able to access film industry events in Utah area and New York City (via virtual interaction). Dedication of up to four hours a week is expected. If you need to earn College Credit that can be arranged as well.

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